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      Oxygen Rich Water         

      Alkalized Water               

      Micro Clustered Water   

      BBCA Testing                  

      ORP Testing                     

      Hexagonal Water            

      Live Blood Analysis         

      Chlorine testing               

      Energized Water              

      Heart Rate Variability      

      BioMeridian testing         


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Lab Testing



    Put to the Test : Hexagonal Water
    Hexagonal Water is documented to improve health in the following ways:


Dissolved Oxygen Testing

pH Level Testing - Vitalized Water is Alkalized!

NMR Testing - Mincro Cluster Water

BBCA Teating- Cell Water Turnoverr

ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) Testing

Hexagonal Structured Water

Live Blood Analysis - Efficient Removal of Toxins

Chlorine Testing

Vitalized Water is energized!

Heart Rate Variability Testing

BioMeridian Testing

Longevity - Dehydration


Disclaimer:  These statements are not meant to recommend the Vitalizer Plus water as a drug, a diagnosis for specific illnesses or conditions, nor as a product to eliminate certain diseases or other medical conditions or complications.




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