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Dr. Won H KIM, leading authority on water science conducted research on generation of hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water using various mineral ceramic balls and confirmed that the water generated can remove the active oxygen like electrolyzed alkaline reduced water.

Mineral generated alkaline reduced water contains full of natural beneficial energy free of electromagnetic wave. Dr. Kim has demonstrated that mineral generated hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water has anticancer effect, prevent metastasis using experimental animal. Not only anticancer effect mineral generated hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water decreased glucose, triglyceride, total cholesterol in blood.  


Dr. Kim is now trying to disseminate benefits of the water which he calls “ Water of life” or “Water of miracle” as it cures a number of diseases that caused by active oxygen such as aging, cancer, diabetes, gout, PMS(Pre-Menstrual Syndrome), constipation, atopy, stroke and more.  He explains the mineral generated hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water in his book 'Water of Life' as followings;


“Panacea” must have several conditions: ability to clean blood, ability to remove active oxygen which is cause of all kinds of diseases, and ability to improve immunity. Those abilities could help treat any kinds of disease.


Natural mineral generated hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water is able to clean up acidized blood, improve immunity, and eliminate active oxygen which is the cause of all kinds of illness. Therefore, it meets all the conditions for water panacea.


There are variety of functional water for treating illness and studies on water are being carried on. We are actually experiencing that many incurable diseases has been cured by those water.


If the water we drink everyday can make us healthy and even treat chronic ailments, nothing would be better. Water can be a breakthrough for modern medical science which seems to reach its limitation.



[Major books written by Dr. Won  H. Kim]


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