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The mineral cartridge is one of the secrets of VITAL WATER PLUS system. The mineral cartridge reintroduces key nutrients found in nature absent in tap water or bottled water.

The mineral cartridge in the VITAL WATER PLUS contains various natural minerals. These natural mineral is particularly good in producing hydrogen rich alkaline water and maintains the functionality for a long time.

Our contemporaries are suffering from lack of minerals and magnesium. Mineral is only 4% of our body but has a significant role for life mechanism.

Minerals must be completely dissolved in water in the form of ion. Even though the minerals exists in water, it will not be able to get through cell membrane unless it is dissolved as an ion.

Since the minerals dissolved in water has a high absorption rate, smaller amount can be sufficient compared to the intake via food. For instance, even though we eat anchovies which are believed to contain heaps of calcium, only small amount can be absorbed but calcium dissolved in water is almost fully absorbed. Therefore, we need to drink mineral rich water.

The natural mineral generate hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water generated from Vital Water Pus has proved its ability: inhibition of tumor proliferation, prevention of metastasis. Other than anticancer effect water generated from VITAL WATER PLUS showed antioxidant effect and improvement of immunity.

In addition, the  hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water using natural mineral lowered blood glucose, triglyceride and total cholesterol in experimental rats, which showed possibility to cure diabetes and prevent the complications.





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