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VITAL WATER PLUS generate alkaline water

Blood ceaselessly flows through our body to deliver materials maintaining our life, taking unnecessary substance to liver for detoxification and discharging it through kidney.

If blood circulation gets more active, body metabolism will also improve, but if viscous blood disturbs circulation and makes it slow, it causes various problems.

In general, pH of our blood is 7.4 which is alkaline, but unbalanced dietary habits such as having too much animal protein or fat, lack of exercise or stress will oxidize the blood and lowers pH.

Oxidation of blood means that blood becomes viscous. If flexibility of red blood cell gets lowered, it would have problems to get through capillary.

This will cause more oxidation on the end-organ. Beside blood, acidification of body fluid could cause more serious problems.

If you drink alkaline water for long period of time, it will change the oxidized blood to alkalinity and improve blood circulation.

The VITAL WATER PLUS generates even distilled water to an alkaline pH. The VITAL WATER PLUS generates water with pH as high as 8.5~9.5(±0.2).


※ The values may vary depending on the source water and experimental environment.


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