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VITAL WATER PLUS generates low ORP water

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is a value that shows a potential difference between power of oxidation and reduction. The reaction of coupling of oxygen and other elements is called “Oxidation”. On the contrary, the reaction that oxygen combines with hydrogen and reverts the element to reduced status is called “Reduction”.

If ORP is a positive value, it indicates a high oxidation, and negative indicates a high reduction. ORP of organs in our body is +150mV for stomach, -150mV for small intestine, and -250mV for large intestine.

If the large intestine turns into oxidation status (ORP is increased), activity of microorganism become abnormal and generates malodorous substances such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, histamine, phenol and more, which lead to malodorous excretion.

This is a sign of body which warns that activity of microorganism within a large intestine is in abnormal condition. If these conditions persist, the microorganism can generate the toxic substance and causes various diseases such as cancer.

If you constantly drink sufficient water generated from VITAL WATER PLUS which has low ORP, bad smell of excretion will go away. This is because the malfunction of microorganism activity is recovered by hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water.

Put the drinking water into the VITAL WATER PLUS and leave it for 10 minutes, then it generates low ORP (approx. -200mV) water.


※ The values may vary depending on the source water and experimental environment.


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