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VITAL WATER PLUS generate hydrogen rich water

There are various minerals existing in nature generate hydrogen by contacting with water and to change water to alkalinity. In case of magnesium which has higher ionization rate than hydrogen, it reacts relatively slowly with water which makes it perfect for generating hydrogen rich water. It breaks down water as following:

Mg + 2H2O → Mg2+ + 2OH- + H2(Hㆍ+ Hㆍ→ H2)

The OH- created during this process converts water to alkalinity. At the same time, hydrogen generated (H2) lowers ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) and improves reduction rate.

The dissolved hydrogen in water does not dissolve when reached to saturation point.
In general, it can be called as hydrogen rich water when containing over 0.5ppm of dissolved hydrogen.

The VITAL WATER PLUS generates water containing approximate 0.8~1.2ppm (800~1200ppb) of dissolved hydrogen.  The water generated by VITAL WATER PLUS maintains its dissolved hydrogen for a long time.


Vital Water Plus Generate Hydrogen Rich Water.

※ The values may vary depending on the source water and experimental environment.


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