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Powerful effect of hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water



Prevent various brain damages
Hexagonal structured water like hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water with low ORP using natural mineral. makes structure of water around more compact and protects damage of brain cells such as dementia.   

Hypotension solved along with hypertension
Hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water resolves hypertension originating from residues of waste on vascular walls. Heart muscle generally weakens if there is a lack of calcium ions, and even hypotension can occur as strength to push out blood decreases. If hypotension occurred from a lack of calcium ions, drinking alkaline water with rich mineral can cure it.

Effective for adult diseases, especially obesity
Hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water has the power to neutralize acidic waste material.
The only way for excess metabolic materials and fat with their acidic qualities to come out of the body is excretion through blood. Fat and other acidic wastes piled up inside the body can finally be discharged only when they are being dissolved by blood high. Namely, various adult diseases will be prevented if hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water is used to stop bodily fluids from acidifying. Drinking hydrogen rich alkaline water is especially effective for treating obesity.

Stenchy stool eliminated
If large intestine becomes acidized status for some reason (higher ORP), activity of microorgan- ism will generate various carcinogens such as hydrogen sulfide, histamine, indole, phenol, nitrosamine, and nitrosamine which cause bad smell.  Actually, if person with malodorous excretion drinks sufficient hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water, it stops symptom of malodorous excretion. This is because malfunctioning intestine microorganism recovers its metabolism by hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water.

Cure for severe constipation
The very first effect you will get when drinking hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water is escape from constipation. It seems contradictory but it is not only good for constipation but also cures chronic diarrhea. This indicates that hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water  plays a very important role to maintain homeostasis of our body.

Anti-diabetic effect

There are two kinds of diabetes: type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. The first kind is an inability of beta-cells in islets of Langerhans (in pancreas) to secrete insulin, due to abnormal attacks of immune system cells. Active oxygen has been attracting the most attention to be the primary factor of diabetes in attacking beta-cells.
World famous Science journal Nature published article suggesting the many complications of diabetes occur due to increased blood glucose level producing active oxygen in excess. This suggests hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water suppress active oxygen in order to improve conditions of both type-1 and type-2 diabetes.


Alkaline water's anti-cancer effects
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) being produced within a living body are being considered to be the cause for various diseases by damaging genes, cell walls, and enzymes. Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Reduced water has strong eliminating powers against active oxygen, and is known to suppress DNA damage. The dominant view on cancer is DNA damage. If it can block DNA damage, electrolyzed-reduced water should also be able to curb cancer outbreak with a long- term effect.

Alkaline reduced water keeps the fetus healthy
Expectant mothers begin to lack alkaline minerals. They lose minerals in order to neutralize the acidic metabolic substances created by the fetus, so it is easy for an expectant mother's blood to be acidified. Causes for morning sickness have not been entirely revealed. Some of the opinions say it happens when blood acidifies. In an actual case, symptoms of an expectant mother with a severe case of morning sickness immediately improved when she drank hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water in the morning.

Active oxygen and atopic dermatitis
Active oxygen is known to be the cause for atopic dermatitis. It is already known excessive active oxygen produces a large amount of lipid peroxides. Upon analysis of blood in patients suffering from atopic dermatitis, there was a higher level of unsaturated fatty acid which leads to lipid peroxide giving long lasting damage than in blood of people with healthy skin. This leads to the conclusion if we can reduce the amount of active oxygen being produced by the human body, symptoms of atopic dermatitis will be alleviated. If hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water (with ability to eliminate active oxygen) is continually used, excessive active oxygen can be removed.

Cosmetics you drink
The bulky piled-up mass below thick skin is made of acidic waste which makes blood circulation irregular. As blood circulation get more so, a bigger amount of active oxygen is produced to destroy blood vessels, and blood circulation worsens. This is why skin loses its elasticity and dries stiffly to result in wrinkles.  The water we drink can reach to skin in just 10 minutes. Continuing to drink hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water gradually reduces the acidic wastes beneath the skin, and it eliminates active oxygen; the skin can improve.

Good water to drink after exercising

Excessive exercise can actually harm the body by producing much active oxygen. An appropriate amount of exercise, though, develops muscles and helps produce energy. In addition, increasing temperatures for the whole body and blood open up capillary vessels; heated blood melts hardened acidic waste matter. Sometimes we feel dizzy after exercising or bathing.  This is because we feel fatigue after closed-up capillaries open up by heat and the waste matter inside them dissolves within blood. If one drinks hydrogen rich alkaline reduced water at this time, dizziness dissipates because acidic waste materials get neutralized after they dissolved in blood; they in turn quickly get excreted through urination.



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