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  Active oxygen is cause of various illness


We cannot avoid the generation of active oxygen. 2% of oxygen inhaled during everyday life turns to active oxygen while generating energy in our body.

Active oxygen has two different faces.
It helps energy generation in our body and white blood cells destroys bacteria and virus using active oxygen. But important thing is that excessively generated active oxygen could harm to our body.

Our body has an enzyme system to remove excessively generated active oxygen. However, when a large amount of active oxygen is generated at a time, it is difficult to avoid harmful effect of active oxygen to our body.

The excessively generated active oxygen causes various diseases with its powerful reaction which can destroy bacteria and virus. Active oxygen deactivate enzyme, damage DNA, destroy cells, and attack inside of blood vessel and intestine.

Active oxygen is known as common cause of about 200 kinds of diseases including aging, cancer, tumor, diabetes, dementia, atopy, allergy, asthma, gastritis, arterial sclerosis, rheumatism, cataract, freckle,  Parkinson’s diseases, stroke, cardiac infarction, liver cirrhosis, etc.




Hydrogen rich water is known to eliminate active oxygen which is cause of various illness.


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